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Jimmy Kimmel: taking a break Ellen: about to be cancelled Tom Hanks: became a Greek citizen Piers Morgan: taking a break Chrissy Tiegen: made Twitter private, deleted 60,000 tweets, blocked over a million followers Jenna Jameson: went public about being raped, conditioned, trafficked in Hollywood as a child Avicii: “commited suicide” days after releasing video (for a better day) highlighting trafficking Justin Beiber: released music video “Yummy” confirming being a victim of pizzagate as a child Epstein: gets murdered in jail (knows too much?) Maxwell: judge will eventually make private documents public (fears for her life) Judge appointed to Maxwell/Epstein case: son is murdered Hollywood: SILENT Media: CRICKETS COVID: 99%+ survival rate but talked about by all of Hollywood, media, social media platforms 24/7 Doctors with different views: silenced, blocked, mocked This is the tip of the massive iceberg. LETS SAVE THE CHILDREN!!! ***Copy and Paste please***
erik tipped:
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1 year ago
did hanx really become a greek citizen? lol
flatoshi replied:
Yes 🤡 Greece can extradite him though so don't know if that is gonna help much
2020 is an election year hence all the craziness. COVID will go away after November.