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The minimum requirement of time-stamping is putting the merkle root of the data into transaction. More definition, more transactions shall be needed. Raw data could be used for publicity reason. The default usage should be merkle root hash being embedded into metanet nodes. Want more information about the steps of the detail data, then we use more transactions. Want more publicity, then we use raw data. Less is more.
jonathanaird tipped:
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2 years ago
Yes, this is not well understood. More and more I’m thinking of raw data onchain as using Bitcoin as a message bus that any other party can listen to as Craig has talked about. You need to send the data with knowledge of the intended recipient in mind not with the idea of storage. Some parties can volunteer to keep a historical record of all transactions with a certain flag as suits their own interests. If they are missing some transactions it’s easy to prove it using a merkle proof of any missing data.
linzheming replied:
Exactly, you can ask a miner to filter the transaction for you. but there should not be a global indexer unless we have a google.