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Streamanity is broken as hell and it's frustrating as hell to use. I tried it with relayx and moneybutton and It basically steals money with both. once a video gets to the freepreview is over point it sends me to another page to pay - I pay, come again, have to start at the beginning of the video and it doesn't let me past the preview page again, but it's taken my money. Once you've paid you would think you'd be able to watch the content, but no, you have to pay again This is anti user friendly and it makes me kind of hate it with a passion. I even try to swipe along to a part of the video i was last at and it drags the whole page along. Get your act together streamainity!!!
Thanks for letting everyone know! I hope they get this fixed ASAP and refund you what you've paid.
Did you make the account with moneybutton? It works for me but I used mb. RelayX wallet was giving me issues like you describe.
mooncat replied:
I used both relayx and moneygram on my iphone