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The Elves Will Fix It

The aim is to ridicule those who support social control and don’t seem to understand what freedom means. And to do this to such an extent that Big Tech social media is forced to give publicity to groups like the FLCCC Alliance; https://flccc.net/ and truth-tellers like https://joannenova.com.au/.

Elf Meds are at least as likely to fix the pandemic as the current advice from the WHO, CDC and other health agencies. And in all probability more effective.

After all, Ivermectin was derived from organisms in the soil in Japan, Vitamin D is produced by exposing the skin to sun, Vitamin C is abundant in the fruits of the forest and zinc is commonplace in nature. These exhibit very low toxicity to humans. All this Elven Magic must be better than mRNA which could be changing humanity in ways that are completely unpredictable, no?

Let all those who value freedom, honesty, truth, and want to resist the dark forces of post-modernism, globalisation, technocracy, transhumanism and cultural destruction (all cultures including elves), wear a 7-point Elven Star on their face masks, etc and paste them up in prominent places. No violence or law breaking required, nor necessary.

People will ask “what’s with the 7-point star?”. This is the symbol of the Elven mythology. However, it echoes another star which will likely trigger the woke masses. The irony is manifest.

This suggests the pogroms and gulags which are coming with the restrictions placed on those not wanting to be locked down or vaccinated. The free spirited and creative are being hounded and vilified and will be relegated to 2nd class citizens or worse. Apartheid re-visited.

The colour scheme is yellow for the sun and green for the forest.

A black and white 7-point star is just as effective.

Print it and paste it somewhere 

Doc and Pdf here;




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