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We are just beginning to see the infrastructure inversion to allow all of 500 Trillion world derivatives Into defi using Multiple platforms , by 2030 I predict a market cap of defi equivalent to more than a Quadrilion $ ( of the current US 2019 Dollar purchase value) Bitcoin could capture 10 trillion of that maybe at a value of 60 trillion $US $ 2.8 million per bitcoin will be price in 2030
And the dollar value will be mostly worthless. Can you calculate in Gold ounces please ;)
paulendsinl replied:
I would say bitcoin could reach the value of at 100 KG of gold per bitcoin by 2033 this which makes a satoshi equal to a milligram of gold... and bitcoin owners rich.. But can you answer this? Will corruption win and BTC somehow live on, or will BSV finally get recognized for its superiority for scalability and transaction prices? When will BSV be worth more than BTC in gold value? When will bitcoin (BSV) be number one valued currency?
paulendsinl replied:
How much will BTC be worth in 2022 ? How much will BSV be worth in 2022 ? I’m still waiting for CSW to get BSV to take back ownership of “Bitcoin” name so people know it’s the real bitcoin that will actually work at scale. Not a fork that is limited and pumped up and down in exchanges for profits... and controlled by technocrats As BTC is.
Anyone care to offer a prediction? in 2030 will bitcoin (Sv) be a protocol like plumbing hidden underneath all the money/ value /finance in the world.. like Craig Wright says , or will it be something else? Will BTC be tokenized on the real bitcoin as a distraction? Or will BTC survive until 2030 as number 1... i really really doubt this... it is on its last legs... No?
steve replied:
Yes. Yes. Bitcoin will be the engine that runs the world by 2033.