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Is Btc too big to fail?
No, but it will take some time to kill off for good
It will fall ultimately
core coin is a scam how can anyone think that the price of the coin is correct!
mooncat replied:
what matters is what the people around the world choice to use. Maybe much further into the future people will be more educated. Right now, everyone is flocking to btc and will likely flock to it because of the brand and the state of money around the world. I don't doubt that bsv is the better crypto in terms of tech.
mooncat replied:
It’s already over, let time work
They've already failed
What's so great about Revolut? Even my friends in Japan are applying to get a card. https://techcrunch.com/2020/07/24/revolut-extends-series-d-round-to-580-million-with-80-million-in-new-funding/
Bitcoin trending right now too
Maybe it has reached a critical mass in the collective consciousness to stay as "digital gold" in the near future.
miggy replied:
lul, isn't BTC really small ?
dan_lazo replied:
Not by market cap.