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Communists on the march
This is so dumb. The other 49 states need to ban California.
thoth replied:
Yeah. Theyre so divisive. As if these states are anti gay? Its all an evil narrative. Shut up about being gay for one day lol
madamesnoozzz replied:
Cali is 5th largest economy in the world. We already our own country. Wish conservatives would stay n fight. Many of us do but too many act like giving up this prime real estate is the answer 😾 how bout flood of conservatives n we take the state back 💪🏽 not as easy as sitting comfy in TX or FL we know 🙄
bitcoin_assassin replied:
Agreed. Cali just has some crazy laws.
thoth replied:
i hear ya ife love to see more of a fight. do they even have fair elections? who knows
madamesnoozzz replied:
Nvrmnd they just raised gas by 50 cents more per gallon for tax reasons. We gettin slaughtered outchea 😩😩😩
thoth replied:
economic warfare
madamesnoozzz replied:
Seriously it's warzone outchea. Ppl all chillin in their states talkin shit bout Cali but according to past election there's like 30% conservatives here! That's huge! And they cheated during election so that number is probably higher. Idk how we suppose to win, at this point but we got the Recall for Gavin Newsom (Nancy Pelosi nephew) I'm voting this fall hopefully Trump endorses someone cause conservatives will come out the woodworks all over. Serious shit goin on outchea
thoth replied:
i know it! The cities are propaganda hubs.. im interested to see how this AZ election audit turns out. good to see you here 🥳
Interesting 🤔 What if it reversed?