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Diddy Wheldon 


Greetings and Salutations,

Greetings and welcome to my ramblings about me and my website, the link is above. I have been many things but mostly I act and have been in a couple of productions for Williams Creatives, and Murder Mystery Event Companies, Murder International, Murder 57 and Stirling Murders,  I have been a Supporting and Walk on Artist for TV and Film in the UK since 1989 both with and without lines both credited and uncredited, and I ran a Santa’s Grotto for 6 years. This year you will be able to see Santa and his Elves on a lovely Covid-19 compliant Steam Train at;


I am an avid Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision Supporter “BSV”,  Jimmy kindly made me an affiliate, I also like to pretend to be an Artist - I say pretend because there are some amazing artists out there and well my stuff is pretty basic in comparison.  I have also produced a number of electronic albums which you can buy via I-tunes and I am very much looking forward to the Blare platform being launched.  I am currently studying for a Master’s in Metaphysics after completing the B.Msc in just over 10 months.

I have been in and out of the Entertainment Industry since the age of 6 (1978) when I would act on stage in skits at the Nottingham Goose Fair Caravan rally, I was a professional model for Bride Style Magazine and Catalogue at the age of 9 and appeared on billboards in London.  I was professionally trained at Nottingham Playhouse Theatre primarily as a Sound and Lighting Engineer where I worked on and off for 16 years in all of the backstage departments while moonlighting as an SA/Walk on for TV and Film and a few temp companies as a finance manager a couple of pubs and Nottingham Dog Track as a relief camera operator for SIS for the actual races.  My technical career finally progressed to that of Show Manager for the American Adventure Theme Park and then as a Production Manager on the Sun Princess cruise ship in 2005 for Princess Cruises. The Sun Princess was the ship that they used in the Television series called 'The Love Boat'

Now coming full circle I am currently available for Acting, Modelling, Presentations and Collaborations, while constantly learning about BSV the technology and the ever changing developments and app launches. 

I have a series of Beginners Abstract Acrylic Art Tutorials which you can view on Streamanity via the link provided on my website, some of these artworks are then used for Apparel along with a selection of Bitcoin SV Apparel available from my ShopVida store. Laura Blockchain was my first BSV apparel customer and brought a BSV rainbow Scarf - thank you Laura. 

I have also started a series of Vegetarian Cookery Videos which are also available to view on the Streamanity platform. 

TV and Film credits can be viewed via the IMDB link and a video of a part I played on stage at Melton Theatre can be found on the Acting Page of my website or again it is on Streamanity. 

I also like to play the Alto Saxophone when I have the time to do, and I like to go Horse riding, walking and camping if and when I can.

If you would like to make a booking you can email: diddy@diddywheldon.co.uk  or you can reach me on social media mainly Twitter or the BSV networks. However Email is the main preference for communication. 

Thank you for taking the time to look, time is precious and I appreciate yours. .

Peace, Love, Life, Light and Laughter

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay Blessed



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I see you are full of passion about many good things. You are one of the great people that I've met through powping. Cheers!
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oh thank you that's so lovely of you - I really appreciate it Emily x
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Diddy is the Powtress! :)
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hahah I like that - funny x
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