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Lmao you went into my fyx account? amazing. shit site
i love it. it doesn't matter how good you think you are either, they are better than you, and they will find you LOL. Fucking idiots
thoth replied:
felon_musk replied:
Beats me, i'm just the bait. not the first time either told yall im here to clean up the trash. dummies will come to know
felon_musk replied:
Probably you since you said site barely works and then deleted the post, i guess. Fyx site certainly barely works
thoth replied:
i have muh reasons but not that lol im not malicious friend not towards you anyways and im a designer lol
thoth replied:
i was talkin about twetch lol its always fuckn up
felon_musk replied:
s'all good, those who know know
Ya dun goofed boys LOL. Le masterbaiter
tonymontoshi tipped:
0.02 USD
1 year ago
Like I said I know someone doxxed me. And can probably get into all my shit. That's already been my life for 4 yrs especially and beyond, go nuts pussies