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How we are REALLY pegging physical items to digital assets...The Real Deal

How we started and why we started doing what we are doing.

$TEE and $PEG are just tickers that we bought from the RelayX Exchange. Our first project started before the exchange was ever built and before tools to mint tokens easily were a thing in BSV. The idea was to allow artists to provide us with their digital art that we would print on Tee shirts or other wearables and give them a % on each sale. The first design we decided to do was provided by BoSS and I insisted on using his design because I thought it would appeal to the 'OG' Twetch culture and we would have no problem getting sales.  I was completely wrong. The design is bad ass and the print quality is on point. PriceIsWrong is a true alchemist when it comes to screen printing...he can do things with ink that I never imagined possible. We started by printing about 30-40 black BrightSV shirts and used Twetch as our main advertising platform. Remember...this was before tokens and before we even thought to 'PEG' physical items to digital by using NFTs to account for each and every item in a series. We sold 3 shirts...and that was me trying to hussle like a mo%#$er F$$#ker. Kurt Wuckert Jr. and OhNoitsFace were the first to place the orders and I handled them manually, sent the info to my partner (PriceIsWrong), and he had the shirts printed and shipped from his shop in Florida. That was then...

Real picture of what the BrightSV shirts look like!

This is now

This is the 'trading card' for number 1 of 20 in the BrightSV black $TEE shirt series. Still waiting on blockpress.com to launch the marketplace in order to issue the NFT that goes with this shirt.

We even have a piggy bank token so you can put an NFT (that we are selling) on reserve even if you cannot afford it in full but intend to save up for it. Buy some PiggyBank tokens worth .001BSV each to reserve.

PiggyBank Tokens

BSV Piggy Bank - we reserve our NFTs if you start to save up for them using our Piggy Bank

                     FrogeKoozie NFT

FrogeKoozie Market

Product is redeemable 1 time only. People who acquire FrogeKoozie NFTs can trade on RelayX Exchange or redeem anytime.

                     ShuaKoozie NFT

ShuaKoozie RelayX Market

Product is redeemable 1 time only. People who acquire ShuaKoozie NFTs can trade on RelayX Exchange or redeem anytime.

This post is and will be a work in progress that may never be finished. It is organic and will grow as we learn more and find new, crafty, bad ass ways to $PEG physical to digital in the $TEE / $PEG markets. We do not live 'inside the box'. We only think outside the box and experiment with ideas until we strike gold! WE ARE AND WILL CONTINUE TO SET THE STANDARD FOR #physicalPeggedDigital 

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