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@libs I have a couple of questions - 1. What protocol is Bitpost using to post files on-chain? Is it custom or leverages the B:\\ protocol? Would be nice to integrate with the BitcoinFiles system somehow. 2. Have you looked into implementing PWA for Bitpost?
1. Good question. Long answer... Right now transactions are created in a way compatible with Operate. I could use B, as Operate handles that fine, but for now I've gone full on using native "Ops". A few reasons for this: - a part of my reason for building Bitpost is to demonstrate my other products Operate and Paypresto in the flesh. I totally want to show off Operate, so in time expect articles from me explaining how I use Operate and using Bitpost as a showcase. - even though I've currently disabled encryption for binary files, it is my intention to enable that. I don't think B is the right protocol for describing encrypted files. (also I fancy experimenting with gzipping text files, and again B isn't right for that.) - I'm not convinced B is as relevant as it was a year ago. BitFS indexes any binary data and intelligently guesses the content type without need for a specific protocol. I favour that approach over indexing files only if they confirm to a certain protocol. 2. Haven't looked in to it specifically. PWA can be quite far reaching - do you just mean being able to install the app on a devices home screen - or were you thinking more than that?
joshua replied:
joshua replied:
Not notifications or the other stuff, behaving like an app separate from the browser.
libs replied:
So just removing the browser chrome etc. I assume thats pretty easy to do - I'll look in to it 👍
john replied:
I believe PWA implies the app is run in ANY browser, safari, chrome, maxthon, etc... The operating systems generally let you bookmark the PWA url so it LOOKS like it's a native app, when it's really universal. The downside of PWA is speed and being able to use the assets of the native systems (iOS, Android) for development. The upside is there's no slavery to Apple or Android's "Pay" (Apple Pay, Google Pay) systems nor rigid rules. That's my understanding anyway. Prior to June 2008, iPhones ONLY had "PWA" apps; in fact, it's what Jobs & Co recommended until they released the App Store with the iPhone 3G (iPhone "2").