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Question - is PowPing a platform that embraces free speech (not advocating violence) from those of any political persuasion? More specifically, with the deplatforming of Parler, will PowPing provide a home to the deplatformed, or will it adhere to the decrees of the Tech Overlords?
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jasmr replied:
Thanks for posting this I hadn't realised they have done another series of interviews.
Here’s the powping mission statement https://powping.com/about it’s all about engagement. Some people on here have advocated for violence so don’t let that stop you As far as technology this site, like every site and service on the internet, relies on “Tech overlords” to exist. You can store data on blockchain but you can’t host a website on it. So those overlords can still pull the plug, if unwriter himself doesn’t first.
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bitcoinsteffen replied:
Thanks for the link.
jasmr replied:
I haven't seen any advocacy for violence on powping? Some links would clarify. Not that I want to. My understanding is that I can ignore them if I don't like what is being commented on. It would be useful to have a similar feature as Twetch that allows individuals to put a toll on particular trolls as a disincentive. What is the following if it's not web sites stored on the BSV blockchain? https://www.bsvdevs.com/index.php/detail/bottle-a-bitcoin-browser Yes the miners could try to limit or deplatform sites they don't like but that would only kill their blockchain... hardly profitable? Am I wrong?
sandysmoothie replied:
Well sure, if everyone used the bottle browser, and stored their files on the blockchain, maybe it would work. Smoakpipe and Erik have posted numerous links to the Streetfighting Patriot’s videos, which advocate violent, armed insurrection.
jasmr replied:
That's interesting I have stopped looking at posts from both those handles for things that were visible in their posts. I tend not to click on links posted with no context or explanation in the body of the post. This is a bit like real life. Responsible adults are left to choose who they listen and talk to and who they don't.
Seems to me that Powping like Twetch has the potential to be self regulating. If individuals can block others that they don't want to hear from and in the case of Twetch you can make it very expensive for some one you are being trolled by to comment, these systems become self regulating. The sensible clear calm voices will be heard AND rewarded?
jasmr replied:
The difference is that the on-ramp for powping is very low resistance but Twetch has better user controls and potential upside of gain from tips. I doubt either in their current forms could handle the volume required to replace the monopoly players. Does anyone know what servers they run on? For instance if they are on AWS or similar services? If so they could be stopped dead in their tracks on a whim like Parler if they looked like becoming a threat?
As far as I know Unwriter, you've come to the right place. But protecting against attacks, will not be an easy feat. One can hope that with a new internet infrastructure, independent hosting providers and a Bitcoin economy we get closer what most of us would call free speech.
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Free speech does not give you the right to say what you want. Many people do not understand this!
miggy replied:
It allows a discussion about what is free and what is not, however.
adonsats replied:
exact... as long as I do not take the name of somebody like a trash. As long as...
Very interesting questions tbh