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Daniel Krawisz explains Boost POW in detail. Check it out. https://streamanity.com/video/4pFYIpSDipHY?ref=ab00d2c4-7e9b-412c-9338-2913474539ae
silver1453 tipped:
0.02 USD
1 year ago
Waiting for a discount over 2$ come on man 😂
isaacmorehouse tipped:
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1 year ago
isaacmorehouse replied:
It's a 2+ hour convo between 4 people who all have high opportunity cost! Plus, we don't care about a big audience, but knowing that people willing to part with $2 are watching is cool. They are seriously engaged. And it's fun to earn BSV.
It's stuck at infinite loading screen for me.
isaacmorehouse replied:
Sorry! Should be fixed now.