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Can someone clarify this grant of options for me. Were these 300k shares bought on the open market or 300k shares newly issued by TAAL?
kpdad72 tipped:
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1 year ago
monbon tipped:
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1 year ago
These are simply options right now and when exercised, shares will be issued at a price of $1.79 CAD. This allows Chris to purchase up to 300K shares for $1.79 each regardless of trading price. This is only good for CN if the price is significantly higher, like $5 or more.
dlsit replied:
Wouldn't it be in his favor if even the price was $2.00?
seangray replied:
No chance he could get 300K shares without either breaking up his purchases or running the price up. People would see the insider activity if he tried to accumulate slowly.
New to me. im sure you already know this but im sharing for the less savvy. I wanted to share it is legal and legit so no one freaks. Grant of Option. The Corporation hereby grants to Optionee, as of the Grant Date, an option to purchase up to the number of Option Shares specified in the Grant Notice. The Option Shares shall be purchasable from time to time during the option term specified in Paragraph 2 at the Exercise Price. Liam you have a great question, where for do thou shares cometh from?
seangray replied:
The shares will be issued by TAAL upon exercise of the option to buy. So the total number of outstanding shares will increase by 300K if Chris chose to exercise the options.
Where did you find this information?
kpdad72 tipped:
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1 year ago
liam replied:
https://ceo.ca/taal Click on SEDI Insider Filings. Or it should still be the most recent reply in the chat.