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Total Economy: 2.27 USD
My first bonsai, a Chinese Elm. Love the curved and gnarled trunk!
emily tipped:
0.01 USD
1 year ago
bonsai_guy tipped:
0.99 USD
1 year ago
joexcomics tipped:
1.27 USD
1 year ago
sandysmoothie tipped:
0.02 USD
1 year ago
Beautiful looking tree
rlcreate replied:
In Japanese they call the visible gnarled roots 'Nebari'. Highly desirable and helps give a bonsai that 'ancient tree' look. Your tree trunk has an excellent shape. I look forward to seeing the potential you bring out in this fine tree.
rlcreate replied:
Thanks! That's really interesting I didnt know it had a specific name, I'll make sure to post future updates
bonsai_guy replied:
A more direct translation is 'root flare' but I was essentially saying the same thing. I don't own a chinese elm but I've read they are great for beginners!
rlcreate replied:
That's good news, I know Bonsais can be very hard to grow and I'm certainly no expert!