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Watchful inside Tells with eyes that follow thee I see, you are me
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
Deep! Nice picture, it says to me we are all part of the same consciousness experiencing life in a different space and time!
glauce replied:
That is so cool, thank you@joexcomics! I have a feeling that when we look at a painting, we are collaborating with it, giving it meaning... almost as if each thought goes on to make it more than what it was, drenching it with life... maybe that is what art is, the object itself is a tool to get us there.
Wow amazing painting, so detailed!
glauce replied:
You are amazing yourself@ricreate, thank you! Your haiku teachings are inspiring me no end, I am loving the new corners of though and expression that keep coming out of the blue!
Yes, it looks like he is looking at me! : )
glauce replied:
Thank you@emily... I painted him looking from inside out, my inner judge