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‪I’ve been aiming to revisit the Metanet blog series for a while now.‬ ‪If I did, what questions/topics/ideas would people be interested in covering in the new posts?‬
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1 year ago
pros and cons about using metanet, I can't seem to understand why someone should use metanet and not something like powping does, with just signing transactions.
An example of wrapping a bcom protocol inside a metanet compliant transaction would be super helpful.. And perhaps explain the benefits of this approach
one of the best bitcoin course I have read.
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1 year ago
jackd replied:
Thanks, really appreciate it!
What is the purpose of the id attribute? Isn't transaction id enough to identify a node uniquely?
Topic idea: I'm interested in knowing more about the thinking behind signing metanet nodes in the scriptpubkey (as opposed to everything being op_return). I've always assumed as Script opens up we'll see new "non-standard" script types that also include some metanet meta data in the op_return of the same script. Are there any examples of new transactions types that can push what metanet is? Another question: Now that Bitcoin allows multiple op_returns in a tx, does how we address and id metanet nodes need revision? Or is the assumption that there can only be one metanet output per tx?