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Just tried butter coffee, this is really good! I don't normally add anything to my coffee, but this one was worth it. To make it, just add some butter to your black coffee. It tastes very smooth but doesn't blur the coffee like when you add milk or cream. And I feel full because of the fat. Try it!
I'm scared to try it lol, butter take your word for it...
Yeah this tastes really good but probably not the best thing to do if you're trying to lose body fat. I have my coffee black, and enjoy it jus as much.
kraftwerk replied:
I have the problem that it is very difficult for me to gain weight. I do not feel hungry enough to eat over 2500cal/day
musiq replied:
Isn't fat+protein only good for losing fat? I've been having a great success with no carb but only protein + fat.
marquee replied:
If you have excess body fat then better to have high protein and low carb and low fat. If you can't do that then just do low carb and moderate the fat intake.
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2 years ago
satoshidoodles replied:
@marquee Got your message about c**kies, lol. I didn't realize that@musiq's post was part of this channel (as it showed up on my main PowPing feed and I just replied). Pls forgive. ;-)