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Im not gonna lie dudes I cant wait for more blockchain games. This is only the beginning but top percentile of players will definitely be able to make money, perhaps even a living, at stuff like this. No more need to be a streamer. For example if this were an open queue, and there were just thousands and thousands of players, and stakes could go higher than 18c? jeeeebus. Top percentile would make a killing. I mean I've made about $3 from wins so far, and that's 18c at a time and including losses along the way. Though Im sure regulation will come in cause I guess its gambling haha. Still.. I genuinely think if you're really good at games in the future you might be able to make a living like people did at online poker before they killed that etc. Just from any number of diff games with wagering like this built in. So cool. I have a lot of health issues so that would help me out A LOT to be able to do at home. Fuck, i'm waiting for crypto work too and there aint really shit yet.. tonicpow is not consistent at all. Not a job by any means.
tonymontoshi tipped:
Somthing like clash of clans on bsv would be awesome.
felon_musk tipped:
felon_musk replied:
so many options man
bitcoin_assassin replied:
Endless possibilities.
Oh yeah. People are going make a killing of games like crypto fights.
tonymontoshi tipped: