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New Trezor problem. People are getting "bytes overflow" errors when signing transactions with the latest Trezor firmware. It looks like this is caused by parent transactions that have large output scripts, where Trezor now needs to read them in and has a limited space for them capped at 15 KB. So any BSV parent transaction that pays into a Trezor wallet and has a large output will result in those coins not being spendable unless the firmware is reverted. -- rt12
Hallo, is this gonna be fixed anytime soon? Because reverting the trezor firmware won't let me access my Wallet anymore and says to update my Trezor Firmware. So my BSV are "stuck" right now
electrumsv replied:
Please submit an issue on github and we will work through solutions with you. Keep in mind that this is a Trezor device limitation and we cannot fix it, it needs to be fixed by Trezor which is unlikely given that they are politically against BSV. But we can look at workarounds and we may be able to do a release which allows you to access your BSV. -- rt12 https://github.com/electrumsv/electrumsv/issues/new/choose
Thank you for the information, I will share it!