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I just put this up as a comment on The Australian Newspaper; The real Metanet as proposed by the supporters of BSV is growing organically as we watch. What should be in the news is the court case starting in Florida on Monday. Kleiman Vs Wright will potentially have a massive impact on financial markets not unlike the GFC and it’s not being reported in the media? The term metanet was coined to explain how the internet can be replaced with a secure, immutable, accountable record of all types of information, not just financial transactions so long as they are legal. A single source of truth. A store of personal information that the individual controls access to. They can choose to make it available to whomever they want - yet can be held accountable by law in exactly the same way as now - where law agencies can demand access to any of your personal information even if you do not wish to give it This peer to peer networked system cannot be controlled by any one company, country or institution by design. We are about to find out how the proper processes of law can intervene and correct transactions on the blockchain through due processes set into the USA constitution. Which of course is based on British law, as is many of the free world’s constitutions. All the other ponzi coins are likely to collapse into a heap of dust and anguish. The social media replacements are up and running on BSV. Twetch, powping, Streamanity, Relica etc. This is the real metanet growing rapidly by evolution not design.