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Bit 3. The Principles of Bitcoin

I'm going to learn the full background of Bitcoin and explain it to Silicon Valley. In today's episode of "Bit: The Information Theory of Bitcoin" we sketch out some principles (or constraints) that Bitcoin satisfies. Principles span economics, computer science, law, biology, and other disciplines.

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An interesting point, Craig on identity on the blockchain. His conclusion is that people are trying to avoid doing it. https://youtu.be/NpG_-byJrNo?t=5978
From ElectrumSV's perspective there are a number of reasons why we are avoiding it. We have so much other groundwork to do, and general support for existing wallet users, and wallet maintenance and technical debt that we haven't don't even support Paymail yet. Also there's a large advantage in delaying in that like for instance SPV proofs and direct P2P locking in a non-standard format or approach has a cost. There's a benefit in concentrating on other stuff and waiting for a winning horse to back.