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THE LAW OF THE LAND This video is extremely helpful when it comes to knowing your rights. It makes clear which arguments to use in situations where demands are unlawful. Yes, unlawful, as you'll see. It covers the UK Common Law and also explains what is the Admiralty Law. As I understood so far, the later has no real legal power over you or even over what is called your strawman. It was deviously created by corporate government in an attempt to bypass the law of the land, the Common Law. The Admiralty Law can only suggest, not enforce, reason for words like "may", "could", etc, instead of affirmations, they are mainly bluffs presented as law (read between the lines). Knowing the difference between the two can empower you to be the one who makes the demands. There is also link to a letter you can use to send to your MP, using the law as argument. The information on this video might also be helpful for other countries as a strong starting point. https://youtube.com/watch?v=jTO3IafZing
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1 year ago
glauce replied:
Thank you so very much@manfred ... ❤️... I will share this video with our Telegram group as well.
glauce replied:
Another woman to admire!!!
I take my hat for this woman, she is amazing, what a great job she's done!