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I just tried installing the MoneyStream extension, connected the bitcoin address, and tried watching the included Youtube video. I watched through the whole thing but didn't earn anything. Did I do something wrong?
pete tipped:
joe tipped:
joe tipped:
I got it to work for me. But not when I tried to add it my website - It says my website is not moneitized although I added the code, I probably need to do more research.
fullcycle tipped:
pete replied:
The monetization meta tag used in https://thecloudgallery.org is like this: <meta name="monetization" content="<thecloudgallery@moneybutton.com>"> It should be like: <meta name="monetization" content="thecloudgallery@moneybutton.com">
thecloudgallery replied:
Thanks Pete
fullcycle replied:
Thanks. I fixed the developer docs.
For me worked fine.
I tried it on the new onboarding page https://bitcoinofthings.com/getstarted
fullcycle replied:
as long as it did not pay out then you should be able to close the modal and try again the status should go from pending -> monetizing If there is an error then it should show the reason
unwriter tipped:
unwriter replied:
OK, got it to work. I was using Chromium earlier and I think that was the problem. Chromium seems to block some features. Using Chrome worked.
fullcycle replied:
Thanks for testing! Lots of things to work out, but getting there.