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So I found out that this is happening on #Netflix, Being released on the 23rd September 2020. I am in the scene with these two as they walk towards Millie Bobby Brown and walk past myself and my fake husband, while he carries my suitcase for me as I step off the train and onto the platform. The costume I am wearing was made of a thick wool material, I had 2 underskirts, a bum bustle and a corset, it was an extremely hot day and I was very hot, we filmed the same scene more than five times from what I can recall. I have been doing small TV and Film parts since 1989 in the UK. A typical day starts with waking up at stupid o'clock in the morning, usually about 3.30am /4 am to travel on average 100 miles one way to a location such as this which was a beautiful and very well maintained station - Arley Station - Severn Valley Railway - Heritage Steam Railway. I do not have Netflix in fact I do not even own a TV and I only really watch things via my Iphone and usually its just via Youtube or Streamanity. So if any of you do actually get to watch this film when it is released - I would love to know A: if you spotted me and B: if you enjoyed it, and what you thought of it !! Love, Light, Life and Laughter Peace Out xxx
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