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I published an article today explaining some of the publishing options on Bitpost, and reveal a little bit about whats going on under the hood Controlling your content on Bitpost — storage and encryption options explained https://www.bitpost.app/u/bitpost/controlling-your-content-on-bitpost-8ueALC1
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1 year ago
As usual Libs, GREAT article describing what you're doing! I have some questions: 1. Nodes? Do you have a special deal with MatterCloud or any other Node? Or are you simply posting to the whole network via first-available Node? I was looking at your BitSV code this week, and trying to figure out WHERE you were sending transactions, and it looked like your Network class stored info for both MatterPool and WhatsOnChain. Does BitPost use one, the other, all or none? 2. "download" When you say download, via what software are you using to download from the blockchain if a copy of an old article is needed by the user? 3. "and the data payload itself is sent to us outside of the transaction" Where do you store the non-hashed copy? Traditional cloud storage (AWS, Firebase, etc...?) Overall, just a really solid documentation of what you've done on behalf of your contributors. Thanks for writing this!
libs replied:
1. Yes we are working with a miner and sending them transactions directly. We get marginally cheaper tx fees than market rate. The BitSV code isn’t mine by the way and Bitpost doesn’t use it. 2. Good question. None of this is documented yet, but Bitpost itself exposes the raw transactions of any post, eg this is your article: https://www.bitpost.app/rawtx/29504ba0db031ca091f0e06d55d79da157a7f0385c62dc80fbf8644c338f99ab If you’d put that on chain (which this article isn’t) you could get the same raw tx from any block explorer API or get a serialised version from bitbus etc. Bitpost is built on top of Operate, so in short anyone using the Operate agent will be able to parse and serialise Bitpost transactions and do things with them. One of the reasons I built Bitpost was to show Operate in action, so do expect me to write more details about this in due course. 3. Yeah we use AWS for storing and serving blob data.