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Anthony de Mello

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Many years ago a bishop on the east coast of the United States paid a visit to a small religious College on the west coast. He was lodged in the home of the college president who was a progressive young man, a professor of physics and chemistry. The president one day invited the members of his faculty to dinner with the bishop so they could benefit from his wisdom and experience. After dinner the talk turned to the millennium and the bishop claimed that it could not be far off. One of the reasons he adduced for this was the fact that everything in nature had been discovered and all possible inventions had been made. The president politely demurred. In his opinion, he said, humanity was on the threshold of brilliant new discoveries. The bishop dared the president to mention one. The president said he expected that within the next fifty years or so humans would learn to fly. This threw the bishop into a fit of laughter. “Rubbish, my dear man,” he exclaimed, “If God had intended us to fly, He would have provided us with wings. Flight is reserved for the birds and the angels.” The bishop’s name was Wright. He had two sons named Orville and Wilbur - the inventors of the first aeroplane. 🙂