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Calvin is working hard for us and a lot of people are taking notice! We will soon have a stake in the only viable token solution on BSV. I choose to see Calvin as our asset, not BSV's asset. https://twitter.com/ari_offchain/status/1297102972703379457?s=20
This is what verticals looks like. Shaking hands with yourself. Brainlets wouldn't understand.
musiq replied:
Don't you think this may be good for TAAL, but not good for BSV, which in turn will come back to bite TAAL if things don't go the way they expected? There's a good chance that BSV may downward spiral into dark ages for years.
seangray replied:
Good. Until SPV becomes the primary value exchange network, I won't be saving BSV. I earn BSV and buy TAAL. It won't change the roadmap for TAAL. CSW says he has 20 more years to work on BitCoin anyways. A few years sub $5 BSV is nothing to worry about.
musiq replied:
What's your theory on how TAAL will survive the BSV dark age if it happens, by mining BTC? Would that be enough for them to survive as an organization? Might not be able to attract top talent for years.
seangray replied:
TAAL is not exposed to the price fluctuations of BSV. Financially, TAAL has a lot of cash on hand and low electricity expenses. We mine for fiat only, we have a large portfolio of contracts with independent developers. We also have a public .api to assist developers with submitting outputs directly to our pool of miners. In 2021 we will finalize our first enterprise contract. We also manage hashrate on behalf of BTC and BSV miners both directly through managed hosting services or indirectly through orchestrator licensing agreements. We have a strategy that gives us a lot of flexibility and many options. As an example, most of our energy expenses can be offloaded onto pool miners who will want to service our transactions in exchange for an orchestrator license fee waiver for each rig they operate. Relationships with marketplaces like codugh will also feed revenue growth. Normally I would really make a better effort but I am at work and pressed for time.
hermes replied:
I'm with you@seangray these are the same reason I hold a bigger ratio of Taal to BSV. Also it's much harder to get taal shares even if you wanted too due to needing to have share trading account. So barriers to entry are high
seangray tipped:
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1 year ago
"Our" is in TAAL shareholders or BSV ecosystem members? I do appreciate his help (along w/ Roger, to be fair - at least as how I read history - wasn't in the space at the time) in creating a viable path to alternative to the "Little Blocker" (as the Numpties are now calling them) route. But, I do think there's value (while appreciating CA and CSW's work) in broadening power/capital/influence distribution -- and that the agent smith call-out will ultimately value-adding if this chain is going to get legs.
seangray replied:
Our as in TAAL shareholders, indeed.
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1 year ago