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UGIB Users Group of Independent Bitcoiners

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Let's start with some distinctions: Developers work on creating and enhancing apps that use bitcoin in some way. Somewhere in there is a business and a business case. BSV Users are looking at apps and using them to get value for themselves, either personal value or monetary value or for business. A business built for you to be a customer or to be a participant in some service is going to put you as primary mission. This User Group is created to support that win-win vision. We want to find the apps that most support SAT owners as customers and enhance value for all on the network. There are also developers who seek network hash dominance. They build apps too but might have additional or alternate motives for you. The app might merely be a vehicle for them to be on your devices. These motives are likely not in line with your objectives for direct value in using the app. Two features that impact users of these apps, whether as the user is acting as customer or as providing some service: 1.) Treatment of the customer where satisfaction and delight of the user is not likely the primary mission 2.) Their intentions of network hash dominance might not be in line with your value as a BSV owner. These aspects are not easily discerned. This User Group has been created to build awareness and caution about this. In conclusion, two missions here: Help build momentum for apps that honor their users and customers. Its why most of us came to Bitcoin. Avoid the advancement of apps that seek a degradation to a dim network hash competition and might not support your BSV value due to their network objectives. Why your BSV value matters to everybody? With cloud apps, customer acquisition costs are very high. Incumbents have advantage and they also have Metcalfe's law of having maximum network value. With BSV-based apps, the value proposition of the asset is what encourages users to on-board themselves. This self-interested act of the user is the main avenue to enable BSV apps to gain mass adoption and compete with legacy apps.
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