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UGIB Users Group of Independent Bitcoiners

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This here is a primary proponent of 0 sats held in UTXO. I claim this enables a Free Rider of state system that will yield a race to the bottom on the network and destroy sat / BSV value I don’t know what he expected BSV users who own BSV to do with this, but it wasn’t a rash moment. This narrative continued for weeks. There appears to a backstory of these developer ideas going back to 2019. My suggestion is to red flag 🚩 use of bitping, BitcoinFiles , twetch chat , twetch NFT and to yellow flag use of canonic and twetch While I don’t know anybody in BSV personally, I really don’t want to say this, but its an oppositional view to BSV owners, all of whom own somebody's prior proof of work. He is clearly hostile to that.
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