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Greetings and Salutations This is my first rambling on Powping. I have been learning a lot from Craig and Ryan recently in a very well put together series about the Theory of Bitcoin, and I am in the process of slowly moving everything over to BSV. I was originally along time ago now, trained in the art of Theatre Production, SFX, LX, Art, Props, Production Management, Wardrobe, Finance etc, so sometimes you will see me post a little of my Artwork, sometimes I like to make Music, and sometimes I try to Act. I also like to travel. In fact you can search me on the IMDB to see what TV and film productions I have been in over the years. I did go to Coin Geek Conference in London and I learnt so much from all the speakers it was really inspiring for me and I had a wonderful time meeting everyone,it was my first ever conference so thank you Calvin for making that happen. I am a little random and a little alternative and sometimes not the most consistent of people, I was inspired by Craig and his lust for learning to be a better more enlightened being and so have just finished a degree which has taken me just over 10 months to complete, it is in Metaphysics, and it was paid for with BSV, I am about to start a Masters and my aim is to do a PHD in this field of study also. Then I will be able to don the title of Dr of Divinity which I actually thought was quite apt for a person with the name of Diddy. The course's are run from Gaia Sagrada which is an Ayahuasca Retreat in Ecuador - they also run a Psilocybin retreat in Jamaica. I believe very much in looking after ones Mental Health and I was recently diagnosed with CPTSD which is Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - which should explain why I am a bit random at times. I have a firm belief in the benefits of Medical Cannabis and CBD and I am also a great admirer of Drug Science and there Project Twenty21 and Prof David Nutt and Dr Dani Gordon the project which consists of 20,000 people is a case study into the use of Medical Cannabis and Psychedelic Medicine. I am also an advocate for Rape Crisis Charity. I am still very much getting to grips with all the new tech, and the apps that keep appearing and I am very grateful to many people in the space for them being so gracious towards me. I have a collection of Apparel which you can find at my ShopVida store and hopefully I will be adding more designs to this in the future there a number of BSV and Bitcoin design which you can have a look at, not just T-shirts and Caps, more scarves, bags, ties, kitchen wear and everything is made bespoke to order. Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings. Peace, Love, Light, Life and Laughter. Rainbow Hugs Filled with Love. Diddy xxx
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That was a nice read :)
diddy replied:
thank you - very much appreciated !