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The Question is Would you take the vaccine 💉??? My answer; NO - absolutely not - I do not consent- before I even consider it, I want to know what the Ingredients are in the Vaccine(s) what the side effects are ie death ? Bell’s palsy ? fainting ? fever ? vomiting ? How does it affect different blood groups, different health conditions etc etc I want to see more statistics real ones not fake ones. I want to see more studies more data before I go anywhere near a vaccine especially if Bill Gates has got anything to do with it, which I know for a fact he does for the BioNTech one? Bare in mind If this is true; if the Rife frequency and ozone and oxidisation kills viruses 🦠 and costs literally pennies, ivermectin and other known medication works and you have a good immune system, what’s occurring now is absolute lunacy and totally unnecessary, it’s criminal and it’s medical rape ! Have a listen to what Boris says 👇👇👇https://youtu.be/XaN-MbGV4dY
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1 year ago
Are you talking about covid vaccine, or vaccines in general? I agree with you on covid, but regular well tested vaccines is a good tool to mitigate viruses. When you understand how they work, you stop to fear them. Unfortunately these days, "well tested" can be rare
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1 year ago
diddy replied:
Yes Covid vaccine - however if you have allergic reactions to vaccines none of them are good and there are other methods which can be used to kill viruses 🦠 which have been tried tested and scientifically proven for example UV light kills viruses 🦠 ozone and oxidisation kills viruses 🦠 see Robert Rowen MD not everyone has the same reactions and thus should be treated very carefully and on there individual needs not herded like ants 🐜 or lemmings