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Is the demise of bitcoin inevitable? First BTC.Then BCH. Are we naively ignoring the signs? Failing to heed warnings from OGs like Mike Hearn? Is Bitcoin doomed to failure, one well-intentioned fork after another? Is, "This time it's different" true? We dive into current BCH dysfunction and see if there are lessons or patterns that apply more broadly. We discuss what it means for bitcoin to win, and what it means for it to expand human freedom. Does it need to restrict government? Will it empower government? Does it matter? We also dive into the pitfalls of free market economic thinkers who don't properly define rational action, fail to pick a time horizon, or assume to much about efficient markets. Are miners failing to act in their interest? Whatever you think of whatever branch of bitcoin, there are certainly problems AND opportunities worth taking an honest look at. We enjoy doing it and I hope you do to! https://streamanity.com/video/QETpsrubHpSD
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1 year ago
Bitcoin rules is basically the one ring of power. Everyone is corrupted by it and we see that ends up with Amaury deciding to pay himself $8 million a year. The only way for bitcoin to survive is to cast the ring into the lava by setting the rules in stone, no changes to the protocol.
BSV is Bitcoin and it is doing just fine. We just had to go through two serious derailment attempts first, to get rid of all the subversive forces and false ideologies who are now finally contained on their dead end, economically nonviable chains. The BTC and BCH chains are both developer hijacked forks attempting to destroy and curtail the Bitcoin protocol, but in the end all they managed to do was hijack exchange tickers. In 5 years from now, both will have been mostly forgotten. November 15th 2018 was Bitcoin independence day, when it was finally free to scale.
Looking forward to the conversation sir