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LMFAO!!! I faced Greg! Naturally, Craig had a flawless victory - THEN WON AN EPIC ITEM LMFAO! The chance of that drop is so low. It's a sign. Owl gang.
tonymontoshi tipped:
oo nice!!! the best i got was a rare eye patch
felon_musk replied:
The only way to get the epics is player vs player. i just found a dagger too and it was the best one yet, had 5 keywords (the keywords are waht make them better) here it is! https://portal.fyxgaming.com/nft/30697b4cd91f4b7ed7a4ac05fbf8ccdc0d0191f855be558d1ef7e5fd0a6cd7c4_o2
felon_musk replied:
felon_musk replied:
that dagger is actually INSANELY good. It has all 3 stats on it! Plus 2x extra damage types (+1 fire and +1 regular)
felon_musk replied:
Dude ya! It's only the 2nd one I've got in quite a few PVP fights. So they are reasonably rare. Honestly I hope I can sell them in the future. I'll keep some but the reason I'm grinding this so hard right now is faith that this is gonna be big and catch on eventually, and that I'll be able to sell a lot of this later. As goofy as it sounds I don't have any BSV, any crypto, nor can I afford to buy in and so far that which I have got, I had nothing to do with.. so I lost it on peergame LOL. Now I'll just play this. This is great, im hooked