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I actually preferred swiping to post Might be in the minority
vicarcalsado tipped:
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1 year ago
I appreciate everyone for all the feedback on this thread! They are valid points and the reason why implemented the explicit swipe in the first place. Now you have both options: Instant and Strict (original). https://powping.com/posts/deec023a96640a1c7922f2aa129732b6a020bc0183e2d51a4f73a575aa19b954
brian tipped:
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1 year ago
mooncat tipped:
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1 year ago
me as well
Maybe it should make it optional for minority...i miss that sob too
We could be in the majority. Just don't have the polls to gauge.
nenicloud replied:
i saw a poll on twetch....relayx one click i think won
vicarcalsado replied:
@unwriter should offer an option during login. Swipe or Tap.
vicarcalsado replied:
Swiping is Back. Enable Strict Mode over Instant Mode.
nenicloud replied:
i like swiping. makes me think before posting and notice whether i'm trolltolled on twetch
I prefer it, too
how come?
mooncat replied:
Not sure tbh Just felt right
nenicloud tipped:
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1 year ago