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When I pointed out on twetch that BItcoin Assn should use BSV apps for hackathon instead of discord and GitHub, a “brilliant mind” on twetch informed me that using a BSV app would be too expensive. This is the best reason to not use twetch. I would rather talk to almost nobody than be “informed” by folks like this. Discord has well over 100 million users and doesn’t really have any revenue model. Everybody is on it because it’s free. The brilliant minds of BSV online want to take us to that sort of promise land- where BSV just competes with free internet junk. Discord is worth a few billion because it has spent investment capital that has captured so many users, which mainly is because a legacy internet company could roll them into a portfolio. Crypto assets are worth many more billions because the technology draws and captures users for free. Don’t trade a great thing for a lesser thing , simply due to brilliant minds that lack of ideas
ill be your almost nobody 😊
bpm replied:
Thanks man We are carrying the torch . Soon others will follow
nate replied:
So is PowPing where we build our network? We are on PowPing, but dev is MIA. It may not go much further. Where can I make a united effort to build where it is worthwhile?