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Anthony de Mello

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The crown prince was a duffer so the king employed a special tutor for him. Lessons began with a careful explanation of Euclid’s first theorem. “Is this clear, your Royal Highness?” asked the tutor. “No.” said his Royal Highness. So the tutor patiently went over the theorem again. “Is it clear now?” “No.” said the prince. Once again the tutor went to work on the theorem-with no effect. When even after the tenth attempt the royal duffer could make no sense of the theorem the poor tutor was reduced to tears. “Believe me your Royal Highness.” he cried, “this theorem is true and this is the way it is proved.” On hearing these words the prince rose to his feet and said with a solemn bow. “My dear sir I have full faith in what you say so if you assure me the theorem is true I wholeheartedly accept it. My only regret is that you did not give me this assurance earlier so that we could have then proceeded to the second theorem without wasting any time.” That way you have all the right answers without knowing geometry as people have all the -to them!-right beliefs without knowing God. To say to authority, “I’m dumb- Please think for me,” is like saying, “I’m thirsty. Please drink for me.” 🙂