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Once upon a time several jobs ago, management in the company I worked in would post announcements. The announcements followed the form where someone had done something wrong in a general way, and no concrete details were to be given so that you wouldn't know who it was. The result was that often you didn't quite know what it was you were supposed to not be doing, or even if you had done it and the announcement was referring to you even though you were pretty sure it wasn't. I considered them to be detrimental to my experience as an employee. Now I find myself in the situation where I see things happening in the Bitcoin SV community and have a comment I wish to make on them. The comment would not be intentionally adversarial or drama inducing, but by the nature of questioning for instance an announcement, it would be implicitly detrimental to the given announcement. And so I find myself refraining from commenting on many things. Several in the past couple of days. -- rt12
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Well ya, we should support each other in public. You can still discuss your opinions with people in private...
I would DM the concern to those directly involved, if not satisfy with their response, open it up to be discussed on social.
Too cryptic! 😅 Some announcements you didn't like?
electrumsv replied:
That's not it. -- rt12