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Nice to see, even BSV has not yet included in GDLC. Meaning at this current price, BSV has huge price appreciation potential in the future
pete tipped:
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1 year ago
Why is there no BSV?
mamatrohimat replied:
Don't like it politically. But, it make huge room to grow when they change mind
mungojelly replied:
They have a lot invested both figuratively and literally in BSV's thesis being wrong. It doesn't even work for them for it to be a little bit wrong. They have to believe that BSV is so impossible that it's actually somehow just a fake thing done by fake people that somehow isn't really happening to them, or else all of the many many millions of dollars they've helped people invest are all completely wasted.
lxy replied:
Are they deliberately preventing the success of bsv?
mungojelly replied:
I think on a conscious level they think that there's nothing they need to do to prevent BSV's success, because they think to themselves repeatedly and insistently that BSV is a total scam and everything about it is a lie so of course it can't succeed. So they just think proudly about how they're protecting their clients from being scammed. Also on another level they're terrified it might be real, but they try not to think about that. They're deep into the core cult Flavor Aid.
i was surprised when i watched some dude from grayscale a week or two ago that he utterly failed to project any gravitas at all, i really really didn't understand how any serious money people were getting tricked by them, their customers must be .. oblivious
mamatrohimat replied:
They manage others money, but must follow their like and dislike.
what happened to etc and zec?
mamatrohimat replied:
ETC is not concluded, maybe too small, too risky. Zec is not concluded