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Exporting private keys is meaningless. You need to export metadata that provides spending context. The following video is related, to that and also relates to the topic of incomplete transactions and communicating cosigning context for instance. https://youtube.com/watch?v=xC25NzIjzog
-- rt12
Thanks for sharing the video. I agree that exporting private keys without context is meaningless. Just so I understand correctly, you're saying just the "exporting of individual private keys" is meaningless, and not talking about how being able to export the wallet seed and porting into another wallet is meaningless, right? To be honest, I'm uncomfortable with the idea of BSV wallets moving towards "it's normal that users can't easily export their entire wallet and import into another BSV wallet" because that will create walled gardens. I personally hope Electrum SV doesn't move towards this direction either. What would be great is if you can easily move across wallets by exporting and importing seeds.
musiq replied:
Also, while we're at it, is BSV wallet ecosystem also thinking about something like what this Blockstream guy is talking about? Or are you saying even this type of attempt itself is meaningless?
electrumsv replied:
I just talked to another wallet developer about it. The scope IMO goes a lot wider than just some limited script generation language. Importing a seed is meaningless. Any wallet or application that is non-trivial who stays with seed importing as a meaningful way of wallet export is crippled with problems. I have articles on medium that might explain this more, on the topic of wallet backup. -- rt12
musiq replied:
Thank you for the answer. I dislike concern trolls as much as anyone else, but I can't lie that I am still concerned about the future where my assets can get lost when a company that builds a wallet I use goes out of business. How to prevent this scenario where each wallet has its own special way of doing things and there's no way to export nor import? Am I missing something? Do you think there will be BIP standards on BSV just like on BTC? Or will this be pretty much free for all and we have to assume that we are getting locked into wallets by using them?
electrumsv replied:
Make better choices of what product to use. Or look at it as a business opportunity. I look at seed based restoration as a shallow lie sold to people who didn't understand what they were being sold, because Bitcoin Core is full of these unexamined claims. It never solved the backup problem. It's not a case of replacing something that worked with something that may not. It's a case of replacing something that never existed and barely worked with something that has a lot more flexibility and room for acceptance by regular people IMO -- rt12