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Anthony de Mello

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...impostors many... A couple on their honeymoon were about to get into bed at their hotel when a masked burglar broke in. He drew a chalk circle on the floor, beckoned to the hus- band and said, “Stand there in that circle. If you step out of it I shall shoot you through the head.” While the husband stood there bolt upright, the burglar took everything he could lay his hands on threw it all into the sack and was about to get away when he saw the pretty bride covered in nothing more than a sheet. He beckoned to her, turned on the radio, made her dance with him hugged her kissed her-and would have raped her if she hadn’t valiantly fought him off. When the burglar finally took off, the woman turned on her husband and yelled, “What kind of a man are you that you stood there in the middle of that circle doing nothing while I was almost raped!” “It isn’t true to say that I did nothing,” the man protested. “Well, what did you do?” “I defied him. Each time he had his back turned towards me, I stuck my foot out of the circle!” The kind of danger we are ready for is the kind we can face from a safe distance. 🙂