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Tesla,Tesla's and Teslas.

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Total Economy: 0 USD
CURRENT SPECIFICATIONS: -Acceleration: 0-96.5 km/h with 36.2 Tons in 20 sec -Acceleration 0-60 mph with 80k lb in 20 sec -Speed up a 5% Grade (Fully loaded) 96.5 km/h (60 mph) -Driving Range: 483 km or 804km (300 or 500 miles) -Recharging time 643 km (400 miles) in 30 mins -Powertrain 4 Independent Motors on Rear Axles -Energy Consumption Less than 2 kWh per mile -Drivetrain guaranteed to last 1,600,000 km (1,000,000 miles) -Regenerative braking -Maintence costs much lower -Fuel Savings $200,000 USD+ -Expected Base Price (300 mile range) $150,000 USD -Expected Base Price (500 mile range) $180,000 USD -Base Reservation $20,000 USD -Expected Founders Series Price $200,000 USD -Founders Series Reservation $200,000 USD https://www.tesla.com/semi