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BSV Basics

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Hi, when we receive BSV on here do we have to manually send it from moneybutton to our BSV wallet, or should it appear in our wallet automatically?
miggy tipped:
glauce tipped:
It will appear there automatically. Check your balance!
poorrob replied:
Thanks for both the reply and the tip. I see what I received in moneybutton but I don’t see anything in my wallet itself
miggy replied:
Ah my bad, I read it as if Moneybutton was the wallet you use. If you use a different one, yes you'll have to send it there from Moneybutton.
glauce tipped:
poorrob replied:
Thanks! Sorry, one last question. Do you know if there’s a way to access your private keys for the MB wallet, or is their interface the only way to move coin from the MB address?
glauce replied:
Hi@poorrob ... that would be a good question for the MB community group, where you can hear from the horse's mouth, Migue, developer of Money Button You'll find the group here: https://t.me/moneybuttoners
poorrob replied: