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HOW DO YOU GUYS FEEL ABOUT AN IDEA TO CREATE A BRAND NEW "CELL/SMART PHONE" AND CELLULAR SERVICE, BUILT UPON THE BSV BLOCKCCHAIN? SEEMS THE PRICE POINT Alone Would Wipe Out Competitors. Let's Ask Elon Musk If He Could Build The New Smartphones For Us....... One That Would Hold It's Charge For Days On End!!!!
pete tipped:
miggy tipped:
Big +1 for that smart phone, for a "truly smart" phone... I have a feeling it will be done by BSVers and, who knows, they might already be working on it, as we speak... wishful thinking, but wouldn't that be glorious?
mizterhutch tipped:
mizterhutch replied:
Glorious indeed! I wish I knew of a site, blog, or message board where we could interact with the BSV, and nChain engineers and coders, because Myself as well as many others could come up with lots of Ideas that would bring value to the world, and value to the BSV blockchain....... If you want real interest in this blockchain, you have to show big things to the world!!! And I myself am very excited at the possibilities!!!
glauce replied:
Well, by coincidence (or synchronicity), some engineers, including nChain's, are in our Telegram group, but they are a hugely busy lot, so tend to interact only very occasionally... You are very welcome to join us, specially if you want to discuss ideas or have any questions related to BSV... I think the "truly smart phone" would be a great topic!
glauce replied:
Oh... the link to the group is on my user profile... 😁
mizterhutch replied:
Thank You, I'm There Now......THANKS!
glauce replied:
As I said, the group is going through changes, there is a bit of a pause in the air, a lot of rethinking, but is all for good, for renewal... so keep an eye and jump in when you feel it's time
glauce replied:
Oh... I see, you joined the BSV Basics channel, that is even better!... I have linked your questions to our Telegram group as well (that is the one I was mentioning above), for some extra input.