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How would you explain why bidding order makes double spending possible in simple terms?
It won’t be two winning transactions, the systems will clear this immediately. A platform can run its own instance/node where signed tx going through them first to be valid on their platform.. Like a TOS to achieve a one millionth second transaction accuracy, like for stocks or similar where time is not in milliseconds but even lower. 99,99999999999% won’t ever be able to create a double spend as systems can enforce KYC and make you sign legal contracts for using their service. So there wouldn’t even be an incentive as the downside is insane. Those who does not have contracts with clients, can simply raise their acceptance time to a few milliseconds or something around there or buy an insurance or a service that guarantees no double spend with 100% TOS and insurance if a double spend happens through their platform interacting with Bitcoin. So many ways, but it just works for everyone else just using a wallet without ever thinking about this.