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Is this correct? Should I send it out?

I am thinking about sending this as an email to all my non-aware BSV muggle friends and rellies.

Is what I am saying correct? I welcome feedback before I send it out and then encourage all the early adopters here that agree with the final wording to do the same. The more the merrier in powping - let's take over the world of social media????? 


This is my latest playground...


Tip: click on the bullseye in the top left hand corner to get to the main pages.


  • No advertising.
  • Is free to view content.
  • Doesn’t cost anything unless you decide to tip someone, (with BSV 😊).
  • Is developing exponentially. Has just had Channels added. These are communities of interest in whatever topic may interest you. Now searchable.
  • Is on the blockchain so it’s immutable (ie it’s there until the internet dies or something like that).
  • You can block individual accounts from your feed and comments. Trolls beware!!! No arbitrary moderators or “algorithms” to filter content. This means there will be offensive stuff – but it is easy to avoid over time – and is actively discouraged.
  • Is created by _unwriter, one of the smartest programmers in the world I know about... and controlled at this stage by him/her/them and may soon be able to be replicated on other servers and distributed by others (with the skills and resources).
  • Is private in the way Bitcoin (BSV) is, but not anonymous. This means that a court of law could force you to reveal your identity – you know like in the real world – not the fantasy world of Altcoin users who want to live in an anarchic dystopia full of Silk Road like criminals.
  • I predict will have a massive impact on most of the other social media platforms in a reasonably short time and destroys the centralised control and security vulnerabilities that those platforms have.
  • You never wanted a twitter/facebook/linkedin/ etc etc account? I predict you will want one of these… eventually!
  • If you want to join in and post stuff you do need to sign up for a moneybutton account; https://www.moneybutton.com/money, it doesn’t have to contain any BSV ie it doesn’t cost anything to start. If you don’t want to do that – not a problem, if you do and have trouble – contact me and I’ll give you some help.
  • You can earn BSV if you have something useful to say and people want to tip you. This is how it will be funded.
  • Did I mention no advertising?

Worth reading this; https://www.powping.com/about

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Very nice... easy to read, friendly and well summarised... the links are also great help for anyone curious. I would have loved to receive this information in an email when I was a Bitcoin newbie (not too long ago).
I think this part is incorrect: "Is on the blockchain so it’s immutable (ie it’s there until the internet dies or something like that)." It is immutable because the posts are wrapped in bitcoin transactions, but they are stored offchain and that's how it can be free. AFAIK when you tip a post, the evidence goes on the blockchain.
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2 years ago
glauce replied:
Add to that you are not stuck with misspellings or missthinkings... if something goes astray, you can just delete it and start again... rewrite + repost = done!
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2 years ago
jasmr replied:
Thanks for the comments have edited the post to reflect suggestion s. Thanks.