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Physical bitcoinsv coin

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Total Economy: 1.41 USD
V1.1 enamel bsv coins - to purchase contact Zatoshi.
Who or what is Zatoshi?
mick tipped:
1.41 USD
1 year ago
mick replied:
Yes these are sold via Zatoshi of Zbanknotes.com however I've noticed they're not listed there. I think he currently sells them on CSW's slack channel of which I'm not part of. I'll see if they can be made available on zbanknotes.com
mick replied:
Ok he's just listing these at https://www.freebsv.com/product-page/bitcoin-ceramic-coin-1 Hopefully it's up and running soon. You should go for the yellow front/reverse which are the v1.1 which I think look better. I'll try and give you a tip towards one as you've asked about them several times .
pete replied:
Thanks! I got the tip and sent an order from that website. 👍
mick replied:
Excellent !