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@nate Guess what, I met a man in Plantagenet; he saw my electric bike and 12-string guitar and wanted to chat. Turns out he's a 60 plus year old comic book writer and artist who's worked on many comic books, including Conan and Spiderman and others. He said he usually is a ghostwriter under other names, because he was a shy kinda guy back in the day. He's worked with all the big names I grew up with - Claremont, McFarlane, Liefeld and said Jack Kirby was the best he ever worked with. Awesome hour plus conversation. He invited me to come back and visit again some day and he'd show me his studio. :-D
pete tipped:
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1 year ago
Very cool😀 I still need to get that comic to you. When you are ready, hit me up on email and with a shipping address. Here’s my email contact: https://www.ashcancomicspub.com/contact-nate.html If you can ever share my info with the writer, it’d be cool to connect.
dax replied:
Yeah, totally - I started to tell him about you but it was too much info for him when I started talking about tokens. He had a lot of interesting tales so I mostly listened to him. I definitely want to visit him again, and may do so before the end of the summer, at least email or talk on the phone. I will definitely pitch more about tokens and your work when I do.
dax replied:
He was interested in hearing about it, but it was technically - me being technically focused - a bit too much tech talk not enough art talk. LOL
dax replied:
Hey@nate, I just added my email and shipping address for you. I submitted a 2nd email (daxstarious) which I just created recently because I cannot access my usual gmail account. Just so you know why I submitted 2 email addresses. My shipping info is with my main gmail.
nate replied:
I received one contact info entry, but not the daxstarious one. The address contains the number 93. Is that the one you'd like me to ship Oath to?
dax replied:
yes Nate, thanks
This was a few weeks ago. Right after we last chatted on Twetch.