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Based on activity levels - I'm assuming most people are still doing most social engagement / development tracking via Twitter or elsewhere. So, you've probably already seen this... but, if not... Relay put out some PR on their upcoming "RelayX for the Web— Bitcoin SV’s first token web wallet and browser." https://medium.com/@relayx/hello-relayx-for-the-web-bitcoin-svs-first-token-web-wallet-and-browser-446ca8fe0c92
pete tipped:
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1 year ago
That's a nice surprise. 👍
Is it meant to compete with moneybutton?
benjamin replied:
Relay is a wallet, so... sure - they're competing. A dynamic field these days. A lot to be seen with this Fabriik wallet integration of moneybutton, where Habdcash is headed w/ keyless onboarding, how Centbee evolves, etc. Moneybutton has a smooth onboarding experience, but can be slow on apps like Twetch. Relay has been in iOS test fight mode forever - but they iterate fast and are pushing (at least pace, if not scope/depth) the token front. Fun to watch...
whale replied: