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"Unlike most firms, we come from experience in the trenches" Every VC firm, marketing firm, outsourced dev firm, etc. ever. Any pitch that begins "unlike most" is JUST like most. Rule of thumb.
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1 year ago
"A differenza di altre aziende, la nostra esperienza arriva dal campo di battaglia" Tutte le aziende VC, quelle di marketing, quelle che recrutano sviluppatori, etc. sempre. Qualsiasi discorso che inizia "non come gli altri" è come gli altri. Regola numero uno.
One of Peter Thiel's most interesting insights was that companies that had no monopoly would shrink their market size so it appears like they have a monopoly while companies with monopolies tend to increase their market size so it appears like they don't have a monopoly.
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Hey man why don't you just sign here?